Zebra team; VERY excited about working even more closely together!

The combination of our businesses will be an great thing for our developer communities.  I'm very excited about the innovations to come as we join Zebra!

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We're also hugely excited

We're also hugely excited about the combining of our two great businesses.  I'm inspired by the possibilities of working closer with the developer community.

We'll keep everyone posted as the deal get's closer to getting regulatory approvals. It will likely take several months before the transaction is complete.  Please continue to develop and ask questions on Launchpad or the Zebra Knowledge Management site.  Together and over time, Zebra and Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business will create more powerful solutions that are easier for you to integrate and manage.

If anyone want's up the date information on the deal, please see our website Zebra To Acquire Motorola Solutions' Enterprise Business

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