123Scan - How do I add extended ASCII characters to barcode data

In 123Scan there is the option to foramt data by adding characters to the end of the data - e.g add <ENTER> or <TAB>.  However the choice of characters you can add is limited to those offered in the pull down menus.  I may be wrong but the choice appears to be limited to 128 ASCII characters, some <ALT><?> combos and a few others.


I am specifically interested in being able to append <CTRL><TAB> combination which is used within Excel cells and Word tables to add a TAB within a cell.

I beleive this is ASCII code 148.  So a couple of questions .


1.  Who else is interested in getting this key combination added to 123Scan?

2.  Should it offer support for adding any 8 bit ASCII character code?

Andrew Pengelly
Page 2-278 of the Dec 2015

Page 2-278 of the Dec 2015 edition of the Advanced Data Formatting Guide https://atgsupportcentral.motorolasolutions.com/content/emb/docs/manuals/6968005a.pdf  gives the option to send a custom key.  There are options to activate the <CTRL>, <SHIFT>, <ALT> and <GUI> keys which you then follow with your key of choice.  If I understand this correctly this allows you to send the keystroke of <CTRL><F> or <ALT><TAB> or <GUI><K> or any other desired combination.  However I have tested this on a DS4308 with the latest firmware and it did not work.  So although this features looks like a promising answer to our problem it now appears we have to wait for the scanner firmware to catch up.

Zebra - any comment to add?  And when can we expect this feature to appear in 123Scan?

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