MC9590 Conflict Between Barcode Scanning and Camera

I am using MC9590 with both barcode scanning and camera capability. 


Before, I used Barcode.Barcode object and could simply call EnableScanner on it to disable barcode scanning when I want to take a picture.  Something like this:


private Barcode.Barcode _barcode;

_barcode = new Barcode.Barcode();


if (_barcode != null){

   _barcode.EnableScanner = false;



This would make possible to use CameraCaptureDialog without crashing when I click Scan button (big yellow button) to take a picture.


Now, I am using Symbol.Barcode.Reader.  Like this:


Symbol.Barcode.Reader reader;

reader = new Symbol.Barcode.Reader();


But I notice that if I click on button that will call CameraCaptureDialog, it will crash my application if I call it more than once.  When I comment out barcode scannig functionality and do the same, the CameraCaptureDialog will work regardless how many times I call it.  So, it is definitelly conflict between these two, barcode scanning and camera functionality which are both triggered by the Scan button (big yellow button).


How do I disable barcode scanning so it does not conflict with picture taking?


Much appreciated,


Hayden Eastman
Could you provide details

Could you provide details about your development environment including version information?

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Fausto Licardie
Hi, could you fix your

Hi, could you fix your problem, How you did to scan 2D barcodes, did you need special drivers for the hand held (MC9590).

hope your answers.

Best regards.

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Anonymous (not verified)
I know on this device, you

I know on this device, you are correct, you can only have either the scanner or the camera active, they both cannot be active at the same time.

Take a look at the barcode section of the programmers' guide (down near the bottom of the EMDK help file). The help file should be somewhere on your PC similar to the below path if you can't find it.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola EMDK for .NET\v2.9\Windows CE\Help Files\EMDKfordotNET.chm"

I think the TermReader function in the demo app is showing how to do this as well.  That should be at a path similar to this on your PC.

C:\Users\Public\Motorola EMDK for .NET\v2.9\Samples VS2008\C#\CS_BarcodeSample1\MainForm.cs

This shows completely disposing of the reader object.  I am not sure if you need to go that far or if maybe you just need to disable the reader.

// Disable the reader.

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