TC20/RFD2000 RfidReadEvents handler problems


I'm having a problem using the RFD2000 with TC20 Reader.

I am using the latest version available on the RFD2000 support page, which is Zebra_RFID_Mobile_API-

The problem is that even enabling the RFID Tag Events while reading does not execute the RfidReadEvents handler.

I read through the Sled, the led lights green showing that it is reading, but it does not enter this Event:


public void eventReadNotify (RfidReadEvents e) {

            end TagData [] myTags = Application.mConnectedReader.Actions.getReadTags (100);

            if (myTags! = null) {

                //Log.d("RFID_EVENT","l: "+ myTags.length);

                final Fragment fragment = getSupportFragmentManager (). findFragmentByTag (TAG_CONTENT_FRAGMENT);

                for (int index = 0; index <myTags.length; index ++) {

                    if (myTags [index] .getOpCode () == ACCESS_OPERATION_CODE.ACCESS_OPERATION_READ &&

                            myTags [index] .getOpStatus () == ACCESS_OPERATION_STATUS.ACCESS_SUCCESS) {


                    if (myTags [index] .isContainsLocationInfo ()) {

                        final int tag = index;

                        Application.TagProximityPercent = myTags [tag] .LocationInfo.getRelativeDistance ();

                        if (Application.TagProximityPercent> 0) {

                            startlocatebeepingTimer (Application.TagProximityPercent);


                        if (fragment instanceof LocationingFragment)

                            ((LocationingFragment) fragment) .handleLocateTagResponse ();

                    } else {

                        if (Application.isAccessCriteriaRead &&! Application.mIsInventoryRunning) {

                            accessTagCount ++;

                        } else {

                            if (myTags [index]! = null && (myTags [index] .getOpStatus () == null || myTags [index] .getOpStatus () == ACCESS_OPERATION_STATUS.ACCESS_SUCCESS)

                                final int tag = index;

                                runOnUiThread (new Runnable () {


                                    public void run () {

                                        if (Application.TAG_LIST_MATCH_MODE == true && Application.tagListFileExist == true)

                                            new MatchingTagsResponseHandlerTask (myTags [tag], fragment) .execute ();


                                            new ResponseHandlerTask (myTags [tag], fragment) .execute ();









And with that I can not redeem the tags read to perform a later action.

This is occurring in Zebra_RFID_Mobile_API- demo application.

OBS: I updated the version of firmeware for the latest available on the site too, it being:


can anybody help me? Does anyone know if there is any other update to be made or if it is in fact an API problem available on the Site?