I want to read tag in one second through dotnet SDK


I am using FX7500 RFID. I am facing some issue.

First Issue

Issue : I want to read tag in one second through dotnet SDK but tag data is coming in millisecond.

Question : which property in dotnet SDk where i will set this condition.

Second Issue

Issue : I have already set the IST timezone but Tag FirstSeemTimeStamp value is coming in different timezone.

(e.g. Actual IST Time : 18:51:10 but tag time is coming 12:31:10)

Question : which property need to be set in dotnet SDK.

Trigger Setting


            m_TriggerInfo.StopTrigger.Type = STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE.STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE_IMMEDIATE;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.ReportNewTagEvent = (TAG_EVENT_REPORT_TRIGGER)2;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.ReportTagBackToVisibilityEvent = (TAG_EVENT_REPORT_TRIGGER)2;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.ReportTagInvisibleEvent = (TAG_EVENT_REPORT_TRIGGER)2;

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.NewTagEventModeratedTimeoutMilliseconds = ushort.Parse("500");

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.TagBackToVisibilityModeratedTimeoutMilliseconds = ushort.Parse("500");

            m_TriggerInfo.TagEventReportInfo.TagInvisibleEventModeratedTimeoutMilliseconds = ushort.Parse("500");

            m_TriggerInfo.TagReportTrigger = uint.Parse(1);

            m_TriggerInfo.ReportTriggers.Period = uint.Parse(0);

            m_TriggerInfo.EnableTagEventReport = false;



Foong Kuin Yow
You could refer to the EMDK

You could refer to the EMDK for .net HELP file
Read ‘n’ Tags with a timeout – Start condition could be any; Stop condition is to stop after reading ‘n’ tags or stop inventory after the specified timeout.
TriggerInfo triggerInfo = new TriggerInfo();

// start inventory immediate


// stop trigger


triggerInfo.StopTrigger.TagObservation.N = 100; // stop inventory after reading 100 tags

triggerInfo.StopTrigger.NumAttempts.TimeoutMilliseconds = 1000; // timeout after 1 seconds

// report back all read tags after getting 100 unique tags or after 1 seconds

triggerInfo.TagReportTrigger = 0;

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Rajesh Pal
We want to Read RFID Tag through DotNet SDK

We are using RFID Reader FX9600 , And processing the tag through our .Net(C#) Application whether it is Blacklisted or not. We are using the .Net C# SDK and the firmware version is 3.0.35. The problem we are facing is the tag reading process is getting very slow for most time. We are using the reader in our toll plazas so there is huge problem for this delay. The code we are using is as follows. Please help.

private void ClsZebraRFID(string port)
currentProcess = 0;
ConBackgroundWorker = new BackgroundWorker();
// Create a background worker thread that ReportsProgress &
// SupportsCancellation
// Hook up the appropriate events.
ConBackgroundWorker.DoWork += new DoWorkEventHandler(ConBackgroundWorker_DoWork);
ConBackgroundWorker.ProgressChanged += new ProgressChangedEventHandler(ConBackgroundWorker_ProgressChanged);
ConBackgroundWorker.RunWorkerCompleted += new RunWorkerCompletedEventHandler(ConBackgroundWorker_RunWorkerCompleted);
ConBackgroundWorker.WorkerReportsProgress = true;
ConBackgroundWorker.WorkerSupportsCancellation = true;

if (ConBackgroundWorker.IsBusy)
// Notify the worker thread that a cancel has been requested.
// The cancel will not actually happen until the thread in the
// DoWork checks the m_oWorker.CancellationPending flag.

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