[RFD8500] Problem with Stop trigger with N attempts with timeout


I have set Stop Trigger as STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE.STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE_N_ATTEMPTS_WITH_TIMEOUT  and Start Trigger as IMMEDIATE. As per documentation it supposed to perform inventories 'N' number of times but inventory is being performed only once. I have also tried to do same thing on Demo app provided by Zebra but It also performed  inventory only once. my expectation was, it will read a tag one time for N number of inventories. 


In the Loagcat, it can be seen that after setting up triggers, it is performing only ! one inventory. I thought, it would fire up N number of Inventory start and Inventory Stop events which can be captured by eventStatusNotify method.

application.settings_startTrigger = application.mConnectedReader.Config.getStartTrigger();

application.settings_stopTrigger = application.mConnectedReader.Config.getStopTrigger();



appplication.settings_stopTrigger.NumAttempts.setN((short) 4);




This is my code and I was expecting to see 4 Inventory start and stop event but I can see only one event in Logcat. is there any way to fix this? Or I didn't understand this trigger properly? Or this is a API bug?