RFID Filters

Hi All,

Is there any documentation on how filtering works using Symbol.RFID3,

I am using an MC9190 Windows Mobile Terminal for an RFID Project

I am reading RFID Tags that I have previously encoded the User memory with a ProductCode.

I have the sample application running to read the User memory of all tags in the vicinity of the device and this works fine,

The next stage is I only want to read the Tags matching certain Product Codes.

i.e.     I want to Stocktake Product Code A12345678

I would like to set a filter on the RFID Read so that it only reads tags where the User Memory matches this filter, this would save me reading all tags and having to filter out the unwanted product codes

Is there anyway to do this, I see the Prefilter \ Post Filter \ Access Filters in the Sample Apps but I can't find any documentation on how they work,