Problem with printing images over a certain size

Hi everyone,

we are having a problem with our ZT410 Zebra printer (8dpmm). Whenever we print an Image over a certain dimension, we get Artifacts like the one shown in the attached picture.

Here is an example: For the image attached, when we reduce the size to 320 x 285, it prints correct. When the size is just above this (like 325 x 290) we get Artifacts similar to the attached image.

We did a few tests and we are sure that the image File size, does not have anything to do with this problem

The Image dimensions, when the Artifacts start appearing, is different for different images. We tested it with another Image and whenever the dimensions were bigger that 720 x 347 Artifacts were visible. Smaller than that and it printed correctly.

The ZPL code for the Image we got from Labelary.

Reseting the printer to default / factory settings did not help

We are only trying to print the Image, there is no other ZPL Code

Original Image is also attached



Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello,You can try to use


You can try to use ZebraDesigner​ software to print your label with image of needed size.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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