PLC Siemens with Zebra ZD500R by TCP/IP

Your support so that you can provide us with some technical documentation to be able to connect and communicate a Siemens S7-400 STEP 7 PLC (NO TIA PORTAL) with a Zebra ZD500R printer through the Ethernet or TCP / IP port.

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Hi John,We currently only

Hi John,

We currently only support Rockford PLC's directly.  I am not really familiar with the Siemens PLC, but if you are able to make a TCP connection through it, the printer will accept simple TCP connections over port 9100.  You will need to send the printer specific commands to control it in this way: ZPL Programming Guide

I'm not sure this answers your question.  Please let us know.  I am also tagging this question to get one of our PLC experts to take a look.


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