Activating the RFID Scanner using the Trigger

I have a system written for a clients MC9090 with RFID, using VB.NET 2008. The application is working fine, and the only thing left to do is enable the hardware trigger. At present the user has to press a button to active the RFID Scan function I've written. How do I capture the hardware trigger to call my RFID Scan function.


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Hi,I haven't done this myself


I haven't done this myself but did you see there are RFID on device samples installed with your EMDK for .NET installation?  The default path is file:///C:/Users/Public/Motorola%20EMDK%20for%20.NET/v2.9/SampLauncher2008.htm.  I believe at least one of those (sample 5 or 6) should show RFID scanning via the trigger.

If not then the "Res. Coordination" sample should show how to be notified on trigger change.

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