Velocity Logon Script question



I have a question about Velocity for TC8000 - i need to use automatic login script because I need to login using Terminal ID after user login. In Wavelink CE i used script editor and it works fine. Can the same be done with Velocity Console scripts?

My Wavelink CE script was like that:

Script( test )

Profile( TEST )

String( test )

Activate( On_Key, 0x44, Ctrl )

    If_Not( String_Equal( Get_Screen_Text_Length( 1, 1, 12 ), "Terminal ID:", 0, FALSE ) )



    Set_Cursor_Position( 2, 1 )

    Keypress_String( "Terminal 001" )

    Keypress_Key( 0x0D )



It doesnt have to by executed by key press. Its better to have it done automaticly. I can try to write it but i'm not sure if it will work.