RFID Events Listener



I’ve a couple of queries about the  method of the RFID SDK.


1. Is the methods of the interface RfidEventsListener especially eventReadNotify is thread safe?

2. Is there a way to find out when SDK start reading the RFID tags and stops (Could be due to hand held trigger is released or no more tags in the vicinity)? Basically I’m looking for a time frame in which tags are being read.

3. public class RFIDReadStatusEventHandler implements RfidEventsListener {

          public void eventStatusNotify(RfidStatusEvents rfidStatusEvents) {

                   if (rfidStatusEvents.StatusEventData.HandheldTriggerEventData.getHandheldEvent() == HANDHELD_TRIGGER_EVENT_TYPE.HANDHELD_TRIGGER_RELEASED) {

                             //We are tying to stop the inventory here so that we don't receive tags


                    }else if (rfidStatusEvents.StatusEventData.HandheldTriggerEventData.getHandheldEvent() == HANDHELD_TRIGGER_EVENT_TYPE.HANDHELD_TRIGGER_PRESSED) {

                              //We are tying to start the inventory here so that we receive tags





     Looks like the tags are not being read when we do like this. How ever if we start the inventory at the beginning everything  works great. Could you please provide your suggestion.

4. Is there a way to set the profile to the scanner sdk through some xml file? At the moment I need to set all the events flags (setBatchModeEvent(false), setInventoryStopEvent(true), setTagReadEvent(true)) manually


SDK Used: Zebra_RFID_Mobile-

Model: RFD8500



Kishore PV