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This is my first experience using 123Scan2 and was wondering about the following:


I have been asked to create a set of rules that enables the scanner (DS4308) to read a Data-matrix code and then scan a variable number of characters starting from the end of the scanned data (and working backwards). Depending on the item the last 5 to 12 characters will need to read from the scanned data.

I have found it simple to make a set of ADF rules within a configuration file that do this.

However I am having trouble understanding how best to then configure the reader on a scan by scan basis to the various rules.


I can make a pritn document that creates a single barcode that when scanned will read all the rules into the scanner, however although I can see all the rules in the document it prints only the first one is ever actioned based on the criteria. Or i can make a print document that splits it out into many barcodes (but the grouping of the rules is wrong - meaning that you would need to scan multiple barcodes to set up a single rule. This is too prone to user error and I doubt it would work?)


I understand that I can make 8 different configuration files, print out each one and have the user scan the applicable barcode before each scan.

This I am sure is a viable solution, I just wondered if I could do the work more efficiently?

As I understand it the users will want to do this anyway as there is no way to work out how long the desired string to extract from the scanned data will be until scan time.

I was just wondering if there was a neater way to have all the A.D.F. rules in a "single" configuration file, that printed the 8 barcodes for the scanning rules rather than have 8 separate files?


I have found the YouTube tutorials but have not been able to find a manual anywhere?

Any help much appreciated.



Andreas Fauerbach
ADF is documented in the

ADF is documented in the Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) Programmer Guide.

What you are trying to achieve usually would be the job of the host application, not the scanner.

ADF allows switching rule sets on certain criteria. So you can switch rules on the fly.

However, there are just 4 rule sets to chose from. This is sufficient in most situations.

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Clive Lacey
Thanks for the link Andreas,I

Thanks for the link Andreas,

I couldn't find it at all.

I understand your comments about the string splitting being done in the application, but that's not a luxury I have any control/influence over.

I'll just make the separate configuration files then cut and paste a single page word document out of it.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond,appreciate it.

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