Problem with Gen 4 when program terminates

When we first migrated to the Gen 4 from the Gen 3, we noticed that when our programs terminate, a message box appears on the screen very quickly and the handheld plays a system sound. The message doesn't stay on the screen long enough to actually read. We looked into this a while back, but the message never appears if you run the application from the dev environment, (we are using Visual Studio 2008). As it didn't seem to have any other repercussion the issue was put off until a later date.


We now have need to launch one of our applications from within another of our applications. Now the problem manifest itself by wanting to report the error back to Microsoft, which obviously we don't want our client to have to deal with. I took a video of the error and managed to freeze the frame. The error states:


"Application 'OurApp.exe' encountered a serious error and must shut down."


I have attached the logs that Microsoft wants and also pictures of the error, captured screen by screen, as the text doesn't appear to be saved in the logs.


Anybody have any ideas why this would be happening.