Send and receive data with MT2070/Host-PC through STB2078



In short I'm trying to send a CSV formatted string to an application on the MT2070 scanner through a STB2078 cradle.

I've been stuck on this for a couple of weeks.



PC(win10) <=> USB-RJ45 <=> STB2078 <=> Bluetooth <=> MT2070


At the moment i have succeeded transferring custom data from the scanner to the PC through the cradle but not the other way around. By using the Symbol.MT2000.ScannerServices from the EMDK for .net 2.7 I was able to do it one way but i can't find a way to send custom data from the PC to the scanner. I've tried using serial COM ports but failed because i think i can't get the cradle to forward the data to the scanner, I also tried using LibUsbDotNet but still fails as i can't open the USB device for some reason and i don't know if the cradle will forward the data. I also tried using the Windows Scanner SDK and tried finding a dll that could do it for me but I didn't find anything that works.


Got any ideas? Any hints, links or solutions are more than welcome.