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I development application under Ubuntu 14.04. Such application require to use bar code scanner and also distinguish the input from scanner or keyboard.

I connect the LI4278 bar code scanner to PC USB port and set to use simple com port emulation mode in scanner. But the scanner locate in system device at  /dev/usb/hidev2 (not /dev/ttyUSBx ).

Please help to give more instruction for how to use the simple com port emulation mode for bar code scanner in Linux.

Paul Axford
I had the same problem in

I had the same problem in Ubuntu 18.04 although an alternate version of 16 (Mint perhaps?) would randomly, but not reliably assign a /dev/ttyUSB* port.

But that is a "Ubuntu" issue, not Zebra's. 

For future developers who stumble onto this post, the secret I found (provided by a very clever person at ) is to access /dev/hidraw* directly with a rule in /etc/dev/rulesd that assigns a fixed device path to the sequentially-assigned hidraw index.  /dev/scanner can now be accessed by users who are members of group "barcode" (which you must create.)

KERNEL=="hidraw[0-9]*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="05e0", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0600", GROUP="barcode", ACTION=="add", SYMLINK="scanner"

The product ID above, 0600, is for Simple COM Port Emulation Mode but oddly that failed to work on the 2018 version of the LS2208 I bought for this customer, yet an 2008 version of the LS2208 works fine.  Instead, I used IBM Table Top mode which has a product code of 1400 and tosses in a few more characters around the actual barcode data which must be stripped off in your code.

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