Is it possible to send commands to LI2208

Is there any way to send commands to the LI2208, e.g., control the beeper or LEDS, when connected through the virtual COM driver? Or is this something the OPOS driver supports? Or not at all? We have an old home-grown shipping and distribution application where the scanners are connected either through the serial port card or though USB w/vitual COM. I intend to upgrade to the OPOS drivers when time permits. Nonetheless, our receiving dock folks would really like a visual or audible indication on the scanner when their scan was acknowledged by the host system. Due to latencies in the code and with the database access, the inventory agents (users) will sometimes scan too quickly and the system gets out of sync. Yes, it needs a re-write. But for now, can I send commands back to the scanner?


Larry Molter

CCS Medical