CCoreScannerClass BarcodeEvent is not getting fired in HIDKB mode

BarcodeEvent of CCoreScannerClass is fired only in SNAPI mode. For HIDKB mode BarCodeEvent is not getting fired. Below is the code we are using


Imports CoreScanner

Imports System.Collections.Generic

Imports System.Text


Public Class Form1

  Public WithEvents cCoreScannerClass As CCoreScannerClass


  Public Sub OnBarcodeEvent(eventType As Short, ByRef pscanData As String) Handles cCoreScannerClass.BarcodeEvent


  End Sub


  Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

       cCoreScannerClass = New CCoreScannerClass

       Dim scannertype(1) As Short

       scannertype(0) = 1

       Dim numberOfScannerTypes As Short

       numberOfScannerTypes = 1

       Dim status As Integer


       cCoreScannerClass.Open(0, scannertype, numberOfScannerTypes, status)

       AddHandler cCoreScannerClass.BarcodeEvent, AddressOf OnBarcodeEvent

       Dim opcode As Integer = 1001

       Dim outXML As String

       Dim inXML = "<inArgs>" +

         "<cmdArgs>" +

         "<arg-int>1</arg-int>" +

         "<arg-int>1</arg-int>" +

         "</cmdArgs>" +


       cCoreScannerClass.ExecCommand(opcode, inXML, outXML, status)

  End Sub

End Class


I have read that for HIDKB mode BarCodeEvent will not get fired, so in this case how are we going to get separator for variable length field.