Use 32feet InTheHand bluetooth with MC3090 (btdrt.dll missing)



in our fleet we have different mobile computers. MC3090, MC3190 and MC32N0. We want to use 32feet InTheHand bluetooth library using Microsoft bluetooth stack. But the MC3090 is missing the Microsoft bluetooth stack implementation library files btdrt.dll and btd.dll. Does anyone know if these files can be installed afterwards.

The device has the possibility to use Microsoft bluetooth stack by changing a registry value:






But it is not clear to me, which dll files are loaded instead?

Anyways I need btdrt.dll and btd.dll to get 32feet bluetooth to work. Why both files are missing?

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Hi, From memory, the MC3090


From memory, the MC3090 does not support both the Microsoft and StoneStreet BT stacks i.e. it supports StoneStreet only. I think that you will not be able to use any library which requires the MS stack on this unit - it will require a MC3190 or MC32N0 with the MS stack selected in order to work.

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Ian Hatton

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