FX9500: LLRP ROSpec Priority Preempting


I'm using the FX9500 fixed reader as a gate reader with the ability of recognizing the direction of movement. The reader connects two consecutive through-beam sensors.

The goal is about making these two sensors starting and stopping inventory once motion is detected in both directions.


I'm working on a LLRP program that makes use of two ROSpecs, I set the two ROSpecs (1 and 2) to different priorities (5 and 6 respectively). ROSpec No. 1 is to be started by GPI.1's 0 event, and stopped by GPI.2's 1 event, while ROSpec No. 2 is started by GPI.2's 0 event and stopped by GPI.1's 1 event. Theoretically, the inventory should only run when tags are in the gap between the two sensors.

When applying this to FX9500 the reader becomes unreachable. The LLRP server crashes, and the reader goes unresponsive until I reboot.

According to LLRP specifications, I have no rule violations, so why is it crashing?


Please find ROSpec XML files attached.


Thanks in advance,