How to connect printer with Android App through bluetooth?


I'd like to develop an Android application and this App need to print some receipt lable, so I want to let my App connect printer (QLN320) through bluetooth. Who can guide me how to start? Thanks so much!




Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Qiaoling,Zebra has a

Hi Qiaoling,

Zebra has a strong portal knowledge with many resources for developers. I have selected few links for you, but you can search other options available in the KM Zebra Portal Knowledge, please check the links below.

Zebra Technologies - Zebra printers, supplies, software and solutions

Zebra Technologies - Connecting Bluetooth Enabled Zebra Printers to Android Devices

Please, let us know if this information was helpful, or if you need more assistance.


Manuel Caicedo

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