SimulScan Document Capture V1.3

SimulScan Document Capture has been updated to V1.3. If you already have a device with V1.2.2 or later, simply download and flash the appropriately numbered update package at the extranet site:


If you have a device with V1.2.1 or earlier, please see this post first to get your device upgraded to V1.2.2 first: SimulScan updated to Version 1.2.2.



Please note that the templates used in V1.3 are not backward compatible with V1.2.3 and earlier, and vice versa. In order to ensure your templates are compatible with this version, please re-download your template from the Template Builder. This re-downloaded template will be compatible with this version of the software.



  1. Fixed issue with decoding 2D barcodes on a template created as a structured document
  2. Faster processing for structured documents on TC55 BSP 2.22 or higher
  3. Rebranded instances of Motorola Solutions to Symbol
  4. Various bug fixes