Adjusting antenna powers.

Hey all;


Using EMDK's I'm trying to adjust the range of my antennas,the code block i use is:



Antennas.Config config = new Antennas.Config();

config.TransmitPowerIndex = (ushort)myreader.TransmitPowerIndex;

config.TransmitFrequencyIndex = (ushort)myreader.TransmitFrequencyIndex;

config.ReceiveSensitivityIndex = (ushort)myreader.ReceiveSensitivityIndex;


The problem is, it wont let me change TransmitPowerIndex or ReceiveSensitivityIndex apart from 0, the exception I get is "config value of out range"

If I run the antennas at default settings (without using the code above), they run at full power.

If I use the following settings:

Antennas.Config config = new Antennas.Config();

config.TransmitPowerIndex = 10;

config.TransmitFrequencyIndex = 1;

config.ReceiveSensitivityIndex = 0;


Antennas run at a significantly low power,but this is too low for mysetting,If I want to change the powerindex to 20 for example,nothing changes.If I change the transmitfrequencyindex or the receivesensitivityindex to anything other than the values above,i get "config value out of range error".

How can I adjust the range of my antennas, based on some values on a linear basis?

Pedro Chan
same question - Antenna power settings

I have a similar question. We're programming for the MC3330R, but have no idea what the valid values are for those settings. Are there specific values supported by different models (the postfix "index" confuses me a little)

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