Using PB RFID Plugin with Neon

I know that RFID is not supported at this time, but I'm trying to see if the current PocketBrowser RFID plugin works with Neon.

I've added the plugin to the file plugin.xml:


  <Plugin location="\Program Files\Neon\Plugin\PB_RFID_PLG.dll">
    <Module name="RFID"/>

And tested the page:

  <title>Hello RFID</title>
  <meta http-equiv ="RFID"  content="enabled"/>
  <meta http-equiv ="scanner"  content="disabled"/>

  <meta http-equiv ="rfid"  content="datanavigate:url(‘Javascript:DataCallBackFunctionName(‘%s’)’"/>
  function DataCallBackFunctionName(data)
   var divEl = document.getElementById('divOutput');
   divEl.innerHTML = data;
  <h2>This is my first Neon application for RFID</h2>
  <p>Please read a TAG...</p>
  <p id="divOutput"></p>
   <a href=" FILE://\Program Files\Neon\HTML\Menu.htm">Back to Menu</a>

But what I got was only this error:

WARNING: Core CModRec::SetProperty RFID Plug-in failed to set the property: enable with value:  666 2009-02-04 06:42:47

I'm missing something in the setup of the plugin, is something wrong in my meta tags or this stuff is simply not supported at this time?