Might there be any Modernizr samples available?

Moderizr is often shown as a/the preferred method to determine if a feature is available from the browser engine.  www.Modernizr.com

To write a multi-platform web app, it can't be focused solely on RhoElements' engine nor fail when on a device that does not support our Javascript objects.

Or maybe there is a better way?  This stuff is hurting my head.

Darryn Campbell
Carl - are you looking for a

Carl - are you looking for a quick way to see if RhoElements is the current client? or if certain features are available? I believe that the modernizer library should be able to detect the HTML5 aspects, but have not tried this myself. For a quick way to check for RhoElements is to look at the UserAgent:

if((navigator.userAgent.match(new RegExp('MotorolaWebKit'))))  // RHoElements

The UserAgent string can also be tweak (if neccessary) in the config.xml

<UserAgent  value="Mozilla/5.0 (%p) AppleWebKit/%w (KHTML, like Gecko) MotorolaWebKit/%e Safari/%w" />

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