MC330K StageNow Staging Error Java.Security.cert.CertPathValidatorException

I have a MC330K device and have been trying to stage an application. When instructed to download the apk, I receive an error stating that "Trust anchor for certification path not found".

I have checked that my device has the certificate for the website installed and accessing the endpoint via chrome allows me to download the apk fine without any issues. I have attempted to stage on other devices (two TC77s and one MC330k) and it has worked for them.

What could be the problem with the device and how can I fix this.

MC3300 and StageNow not scanning

UPDATE: I reset the device and it is now working. I was trying to avoid that so I wouldn't have to reload everything but need to make deadlines.

I have an MC3300 with Oreo 8.1 and MX 8.2. It scans fine in my app but when I try to scan with StageNow, it does nothing. I have another device with the same config and it works fine with StageNow. Any ideas what to try to get StageNow to scan? I have restarted the device, turned off and let sit and still no luck. I have compared the settings on the 2 devices and they appear identical.


How to add Japanese virtual keyboard by "StageNow"

We would llike to know how to add Japanese virtual keyboard (Japanese<QWERTY> or Japanese<12keys>) in addition to the default English virtual keyboard(English <US><QUERTY>) by "StageNow".

Currently we try the follwoing steps by StageNow and the result is still English virtual keyboard (English <US><QUERTY>).
- Set Default Input Method : ”Change Current Input Method”
- Set Default Input Method Option : ”Japanese”

Please help me.

Edit Hostname to a more readable name

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding the edit of the hostname through StageNow. I am aware that I can accomplish that by using either the HostManager or the DHCPManager. The only thing that I am able to define there is a specific textfield up to ~91 characters long.

I didn't really get the point why I should use a staging solution to define a fixed name that will be distributed to hundreds of devices??

Therefore I think that it may be possible to define a dynamic and variable hostname based on the following scheme: