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ZPLII character set documentation


I have some ZPLII from a 3rd party with ^CI0 in it. I see from ZPL Guide that this selects character set 0 = Single Byte Encoding - U.S.A. 1 Character Set.

I've looked everywhere but can't find any reference material for this character set and many of the others listed in the Guide. The Guide does document Zebra Code Page 850 nicely for example.


select the ^FN you want to print


I am currently developing a machine using a zebra printer and a PLC.
A format file is stored in the printer's memory and the PLC creates a variable fields file pushed to the printer via FTP
The stored format is the following :

^FX data 1^FS

^FX data 2^FS


The file sent by PLC is the following :

^FN1^FDthis is data 1^FS
^FN2^FDthis is data 2^FS
^FN3^FDThis is data 3^FS

Missing label when print directly from application form often)

I'm developer. I develop an application windows service to print label from my template(pdf file) through printer name method(TCP/IP).
I am using Zebra Zt410 printer with version V75.20.14z.
I will set given quantity then printer automatic print with exactly quantity but sometime, we miss one or more label.
I check log in queue printer spooler. It still match quantity with given quantity but Zebra printer still miss label.
I don't know why missing label in printer and please let me know how to prevent it happen again!

Thank you so much.

Not printing correctly using link-os Library on iOS Device


I am using link-OS Zebra library in iOS app for printing badges(Images). I am using ZEBRA ZD500 printer.
And I am using following method for print:

- (BOOL) printImage:(CGImageRef)image
error:(NSError **)error

I am passing -1 for width and height.
because passing -1 will preserve original width and height.

DEVTALK l ZebraDesigner v3 for Developers - A Comprehensive Label Design Tool l Nov. 20, 2019

This session includes an introduction and demonstration of the ZebraDesigner v3 label design tool, its general features, the Pro edition, the developer edition, and Windows drivers. Preview some of these new features we'll talk about in this blog.