Screen Orientation set in AndroidManifest.xml is not being respected on Android 8.1.0 with MX version of 10.0

We're building a custom launcher. Through the EMDK (we're using MX 10.0) we're setting ourselves as the default launcher on the device via the "App Manager" EMDK profile.

This works as expected -- we're set as the default launcher. However, it has a side effect where our application no longer respects the screen orientation we set in the manifest or in onCreate of the activity.

Bluetooth scanner with normal phones

I have a Zebra Bluetooth scanner- RS507X.
I want this scanner to connect to my normal android phone and provide the scanned data.
The documentation that I found on the website uses EMDK, and the android phones do not support that.

Is there a way we can achieve this without using EMDK?


Dynamically Switching Keyboards on Zebra Android Devices

Last month I wrote about how to switch keyboard layouts on the fly using the Enterprise Keyboard and its API, the use case being that some screens in your app would require different methods of data entry. As I said in my previous post the Enterprise Keyboard is not a general-purpose replacement keyboard and the standard keyboard should be used for standard data or text entry.

Zebra Scanner is reading partial bar codes on some occasions when part of the bar code is hidden

Zebra TC75x Scanner is reading partial bar codes on some occasions when part of the bar code is hidden. We are using EMDK version 4.0. The device's Android version is 7.x.

If we set the expected barcode length(s) in the Scanner config object as shown below, then it is working fine for barcodes of the length specified.

ScannerConfig config = scanner.GetConfig();

Migrating from EMDK to Datawedge


Currently, we use the Zebra scanners with EMDK integrated into our app. I've been reading the techdoc and noticed that Zebra "strongly recommends using DataWedge for all applications that require barcode scanning and data capture." It seems like Zebra will also always keep Datawedge up to date first.

So my question is, is it worthwhile to migrate from EMDK to Datawedge? If anyone has migrated before, how difficult is the process?

Thanks a lot!

DataWedge APIs for Notificication.LEDParams and Notification.Beep , similar to EMDK

As stated in the Subject, are there any existing Datawedge APIs for sending Notification params to toggle the LED and Beep actions for bluetooth scanners like RS 507.
There are APIs existing in EMDK for this and would like to know if they are available for DataWedge?

Kotlin and developing Kotlin applications for Zebra devices

It is not news for Android developers that following Google’s announcement of Kotlin support during Google I/O 2017, Google have embraced Kotlin as the preferred development language for Android, even to the extent that the “Build your first app” tutorial on the Android developer site will default to showing Kotlin code.