Control Firefox by Data Wedge - Fill Form


I am trying to set up a rule in datawedge in order to enter "Certain Data" in a website form.

What works so far: I am able to set rules to fill a fixed amount of Fields with a string of code, where the fields are divided by TAB

Now I would like to set up a fresh environment in firefox, like the focus should be always be on the first Textfield at Start of the scan etc.
This can be accomplished by simply closing all firefox Tabs as firefox is set up with the correct startpage already.

Scanning Multiple Barcodes with a Single Trigger Pull

By @darryncampbell

This post will demonstrate how to scan multiple barcodes in a single trigger pull on Zebra Android mobile computers. The multi-barcode capability is being further enhanced in the near future but this post describes what you can do today.

The sample application to accompany this post can be found on github and uses the "Basic Multibarcode" feature of DataWedge.

Zebra DevTalk | Latest Features in DataWedge 8.x | Wednesday, August 19 2020

DataWedge is the recommended approach for capturing data on Zebra Android mobile computers – barcode scanning, RFID or even voice.  Over the past few months we have added even more features to DataWedge such as multiple barcode scanning, enhanced security, OCR, signature capture, new decoder support and much more.  These features are available for free on our enterprise-series Android devices so learn how to take advantage of them in this webinar.

Presented by Darryn Campbell and Catherine Wei, Software Engineers, Zebra Technologies


Scan with DataWedge Using Explicit Broadcast Intents

DataWedge 8.0 introduced a new capability to the DataWedge Intent output plugin, the ability to specify the component of the application which will receive the Intent.

Up until version 8.0, DataWedge only allowed you to specify the action, category and delivery mechanism (Start Activity, Start Service or Send Broadcast)

DataWedge Background Scanning on Zebra Android Devices

DataWedge Background Scanning

The sample application to accompany this post is available on Github

Although not common, some customers targeting Zebra Android mobile computers need to be able to scan barcodes when the application is in the background or the mobile computer is in the standby state. Following a question posted on the developer forum we came up with an architecture that appeared to work reliably.

Using DataWedge with Multiple Android Activities

This article assumes familiarity with Zebra's DataWedge tool as well as the DataWedge profile mechanism. For an overview of DataWedge, please refer to the DataWedge Techdocs page

A very common use case for many Zebra Android developers is using the device scanner across multiple activities in their application, this could cover the following:

Quickly Suspend Scanning in Your App with DataWedge

Most applications will need to temporarily disable the barcode scanner during their lifecycle. There are two ways to achieve this with DataWedge, both using the ScannerInputPlugin API: Enable / Disable or Resume / Suspend:

Enable / Disable:

Enable / Disable can be called at any time