barcode scanning

Make RFD8500 scanner trigger start the barcode scanner on TC520K touch computer/phone with Zebra Android Java SDK.

When I press the trigger on the RFD8500 scanner, I want it to start the barcode scanner on the TC520K. The reason is that we will scan both the RFID tag and the barcode, at the same time, so we don't have to first press the RFID8500 trigger and then press the TC520K barcode scan button separately.

Is there any Barcode Scanner SDK available for angular application

We are working on an application where we need to integrate the scanner to our application and scan the 2D barcodes. My client has been taking to this zebra vendor for barcode printing and scanning. We were informed that the discussions are in place and DS2200 Series scanner is recommended. So, in that case, do that scanner has any SDK which we can integrate in our web-app which will be developed in Angular frontend and Node.js backend.

So, was looking for the configuration process for that scanner to be recognised by the app and fetch the scanned data from the barcode.

Scan with DataWedge Using Explicit Broadcast Intents

DataWedge 8.0 introduced a new capability to the DataWedge Intent output plugin, the ability to specify the component of the application which will receive the Intent.

Up until version 8.0, DataWedge only allowed you to specify the action, category and delivery mechanism (Start Activity, Start Service or Send Broadcast)

Zebra DS3608 - inconsistent USB scan result when pasting into Java-based applications


My company is writing application for customer, that allows him to scan his goods using Zebra DS3608 scanner. Barcode is a 3 multinumber fields separated by Group Separator signs. My software replaces GS signs with ';' in Swing KeyListener and extract this data later in the process.

I have discovered issues when using this scanner. It is connected to Win10 PC through USB as HID device. When i am scanning into my application sometimes there are some random ASCII characters instead of GS sign (○, ↔, ˘) which causes error in my process.

Can ZETI read barcode??

I'm using a terminal to connect to and RFD8500 reader. I type "connect", the connection is successful, and most subsequent commands work as intended.

However, the "readbarcode" command, just returns empty results, "Status OK; barcode type: barcode: ". How is the command supposed to be used? The RFD8500 developer guide just mentions the command, without any examples or documentation at all

Zebra Data Services Providing 4 New SDKs

As enterprise software developers, we want things as easy as possible.  The Zebra Data Services team understands and has created 4 new SDKs in your favorite programming languages.  Now you can work with our Data Services using an Android-Java SDK, a .NET Core SDK, a Python SDK or a JavaScript SDK.  They will soon be available on your favorite package management systems as well.

Quickly Suspend Scanning in Your App with DataWedge

Most applications will need to temporarily disable the barcode scanner during their lifecycle. There are two ways to achieve this with DataWedge, both using the ScannerInputPlugin API: Enable / Disable or Resume / Suspend:

Enable / Disable:

Enable / Disable can be called at any time

Issue with reading barcode with new Zebra scanner DS 8178


I am trying to configure the Zebra Scanner 8178,have connected the scanner to USB port using the cradle. I am able to get the device charged and get the beep sound by pointing the aim red ball on barcode, but it does not pull the barcode information into the application.

Have also installed Zebra core scanners and Zebra sdk that has the sample apps (C++ and C#).

But while trying use the sample sdk and try get the barcode info through scanning, I am facing the below issue on clicking the discover scanner option available:

1. CLOSE - Command success.