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MC33 scanner barcode doesn't work after reboot but DataWedge is active

I have the same problem on many MC33 (this is on three different devices at now)
After the restart of the device, the scanner doesn’t work on my program and on DWDemo

I look the configuration of DataWedge: it is active
I kill the application, restart the device but the scanner still doesn't work
And after many manipulation and reboot, it's finally rework

I don’t know the source of the problem

Scanner Beep

I have a FileMaker solution and the users use a barcode scanner (the wireless LS4278). But sometimes while they are away from the computer an error will occur while scanning, but they won't realize it because the error only sounds off on the computer speaker. Is there any way to get the scanner to do it's beep, or hopefully a different one if an error happens? I can use AppleScript, or perhaps Javascript. In any case, I'm exploring the possibilities.

Scanner Beep

I'm pretty new to the zebra development stuff, but I'm a FileMaker developer and one of the users that uses my database requested that whenever there's an error while scanning that the scanner does another beep (like when you successfully scan something, or a different noise) so that the user, while they are away from the computer knows that something went wrong. I'm not really sure where to start with this one.

Zebra DS3608 - inconsistent USB scan result when pasting into Java-based applications


My company is writing application for customer, that allows him to scan his goods using Zebra DS3608 scanner. Barcode is a 3 multinumber fields separated by Group Separator signs. My software replaces GS signs with ';' in Swing KeyListener and extract this data later in the process.

I have discovered issues when using this scanner. It is connected to Win10 PC through USB as HID device. When i am scanning into my application sometimes there are some random ASCII characters instead of GS sign (○, ↔, ˘) which causes error in my process.

How to get Scanner ID (Coreless Type - DS8178)

Hi all,

I'm programming an application (C#) to manage bar code read from 3 coreless Scanner DS8178.

I used 123Scan to modify bar code data that help me know which scanner data come from.
Now I want to send a response signal (a beep) back to that scanner, so I need the Scanner ID.

Unfortunately, the raw data received only contains the ID of Cradle.

So please help me get the ID of the scanner which send the data.

Thank you very much.

SE4750 imager (1D and 2D) what does it mean ?


we have a requirement for one of our project.
we need to scan a barcode with the device zebra tc75x -> this bar code is a long about 3 centimer and height of 1 cm -> of course we can change the size of this bar code

But we need to scan this bar code at 2 or 3 meter is it possible ?

i've found some specification about scanner from zebra tc75x but i can't understand.