Does the Android SDK for Zebra Barcode Scanners support multiple active scanners at the same time?

I'm looking to have multiple users with barcode scanners share a single Android tablet. I've successfully used the Zebra SDK to interact with one scanner, however attempting to make a second scanner active doesn't seem to function. The scanner attempts to register but is then immediately unregisters itself, indicated by the beep patterns for establishing and losing a session, respectively.

Am I making an implementation error, or are multiple scanners simply not supported by the SDK?

Screen Orientation set in AndroidManifest.xml is not being respected on Android 8.1.0 with MX version of 10.0

We're building a custom launcher. Through the EMDK (we're using MX 10.0) we're setting ourselves as the default launcher on the device via the "App Manager" EMDK profile.

This works as expected -- we're set as the default launcher. However, it has a side effect where our application no longer respects the screen orientation we set in the manifest or in onCreate of the activity.

Error connecting to printer ZD620 through bluetooth from Android devices


We have built a Xamarin app that can print some labels. We run this app in Android 8.x and use bluetooth connectivity for sending print jobs. Randomly, the connection creation is failing with below exception. I'm not sure what exactly is causing this exception when trying to connect as its very random. Any help in this highly appreciated.

TC72 device is not supported on the Play store (again) - Corrected


We develop a Xamarin app for Android that I test with a TC25. We just got a report from a customer that bought a TC72 (ZEB-TC72L-OME24B0-NA) (EDITED from TC70) and is not able to download the app from the App Store with the error message that the device isn’t compatible with her version. I found this thread in the forum:

ZD420t issue with printing over android API

Hello All,
I have Zebra ZD420t and I've developed simple app for printing. I've developed below code using Android API and samples from Zebra repo:

public class ZebraPrinterHandler extends Handler {
private Connection printerConnection;

public ZebraPrinterHandler(String macAddress){
printerConnection = new BluetoothConnectionInsecure(macAddress);

private void tryToPrintLabel(Message msg) {
try {
String zplData = message.getZplData();

Is there any file size or any other restriction while printing PDF files through PDF Direct?

Is there any file size or any other restriction while printing PDF files through PDF Direct?
Actually I have printed few PDF files through PDF Direct in the ZD620d printer, some of them not printed, it prints as blank.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions to resolve this issue.

Scan with DataWedge Using Explicit Broadcast Intents

DataWedge 8.0 introduced a new capability to the DataWedge Intent output plugin, the ability to specify the component of the application which will receive the Intent.

Up until version 8.0, DataWedge only allowed you to specify the action, category and delivery mechanism (Start Activity, Start Service or Send Broadcast)