Does the Android SDK for Zebra Barcode Scanners support multiple active scanners at the same time?

I'm looking to have multiple users with barcode scanners share a single Android tablet. I've successfully used the Zebra SDK to interact with one scanner, however attempting to make a second scanner active doesn't seem to function. The scanner attempts to register but is then immediately unregisters itself, indicated by the beep patterns for establishing and losing a session, respectively.

Am I making an implementation error, or are multiple scanners simply not supported by the SDK?

DS9208 Scan Barcode in .Net MVC App at client side.


I am using DS9208 barcode scanner to scan PDF 417 format. I am able to scan barcode using zebra sdk for .net.

But I need to scan barcode at client side using Javascript or any other client side library.
Is it possible to scan the barcode in my MVC web app at client side?

Hoping for the quick response.

Rizwan Khair Din

Is there any Barcode Scanner SDK available for angular application

We are working on an application where we need to integrate the scanner to our application and scan the 2D barcodes. My client has been taking to this zebra vendor for barcode printing and scanning. We were informed that the discussions are in place and DS2200 Series scanner is recommended. So, in that case, do that scanner has any SDK which we can integrate in our web-app which will be developed in Angular frontend and Node.js backend.

So, was looking for the configuration process for that scanner to be recognised by the app and fetch the scanned data from the barcode.

Bluetooth Auto-Reconnection Problem with Scanner SDK for Android

I'm developing Android Application for Warehouse Management System.
Our App have simple functions.
1. Read Product ID by scanning barcode on the box via Bluetooth with Zebra Barcode Scanner DS2278.
2. Upload Product ID and Qty to WMS server.

We are using Zebra Scanner SDK for Android to connect and scan barcode with DS2278.
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I am building an application with DS3608 and I encountered the next problem: after setting up multi-code data formatting rules for the barcodes I need, I realized that in the result some of the barcodes appear more than once. For example I have to scan 3 DataMatrix codes, all 3 having the same length and a similar format, as they all start with '01'. I am looking forward to finding a way so that each code scanned with the MDF rules is unique.
Any ideas? (I attached one photo with an example in which the result has 3 codes, all the same)

Thank you!

Scanner sends keystrokes strangely after opening and closing soft keyboard on TC70.

We are developing a warehouse system and trying to support as many units as possible. We want our customers to use the latest versions of firmware, including Chrome as that is a system requirement from us. In the latest release of our software we have had trouble with the TC70s. We have customers that uses TC75, which works fine. The problem is, when opening the kiosk-chrome-app, we can scan fine, using keystroke as output. When I look in the logcat-log, the android system does a doInject after each char in the barcode(as a keystroke).

Zebra Scanner is reading partial bar codes on some occasions when part of the bar code is hidden

Zebra TC75x Scanner is reading partial bar codes on some occasions when part of the bar code is hidden. We are using EMDK version 4.0. The device's Android version is 7.x.

If we set the expected barcode length(s) in the Scanner config object as shown below, then it is working fine for barcodes of the length specified.

ScannerConfig config = scanner.GetConfig();