RFID Reader Java

how to increase the length of the read user memory bank

Hi everyone,
In the project, I use FX9600 and Fx7500 devices. I use:
Zebra-FXSeries-Embedded-SDK-Java-Windows_V1.0.0 and API3 libraries.
In my code to read the user's memory bank, I use the following method: .getTag (). GetMemoryBankData (). Currently, the maximum length I can read is 128 bits. How could I increase this value to memory bank tags that have 512 bits or more?
Thanks for any tips :)

RFID Tag Listner (RfidEventsListener 's method are not called)

I am trying to connect RFID reader and want to receive data of single tag(as and when its detected by reader). Which can be done by RfidEventsListner, but not getting any success.
When I do bulk read(getReadTags) then I am able to receive the data, but not single data as and when the reader receives it.