Rfid FX9600 Embedded SKD

how to increase the length of the read user memory bank

Hi everyone,
In the project, I use FX9600 and Fx7500 devices. I use:
Zebra-FXSeries-Embedded-SDK-Java-Windows_V1.0.0 and API3 libraries.
In my code to read the user's memory bank, I use the following method: .getTag (). GetMemoryBankData (). Currently, the maximum length I can read is 128 bits. How could I increase this value to memory bank tags that have 512 bits or more?
Thanks for any tips :)

FX9600 Embedded SKD - Change File Permission access denied

I've created an embedded app for RFID scanner FX9600. After installation into the scanner, I am unable to start it through the http page and it seems that the files were installed without execution access.

The documentation tells me to change the files permission:
"NOTE: Ensure execution permission is provided for the binary executable, the Start and Stop script. If not, use the chmod +x command to change permission of files."