How to print Chinese fonts to Zebra ZPL printer from python?

Hi everyone,

I have a task of developing python script to print labels using the networked Zebra ZT410.

So far, I can print Chinese Characters correctly using "Zebra Setup Utilities" with ZPL commands:


Link-OS SDK for Android | Permissions and Bluetooth API

Nowadays, most of our Zebra printers are equipped with Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or both (BT + BLE). There is a Bluetooth User Guide for Zebra printers, which covers how the Bluetooth technologies (both BT & BLE) are used in Zebra printer production lines, the security mode, pairing and configuration, etc.

Is it possible to download the firmware for specific printer through Link-OS SDK

Hi There,

Just I have tried to update the printer firmware through Link-OS SDK via Android application. For that, I have used the FirmwareUpdaterLinkOs interface which has available in the Zebra Link-OS Android API (

But my question here is, Is there any interface/option to download the firmware (.zpl or .zip) file through Link-OS SDK or any other Zebra APIs instead of manual download from Zebra Site?

Could anyone help or share your suggestions on this?

Zebra printer get status takes too long


We have a ZT230 connected to USB port and have been using ZSDK_API.jar to access Zebra printer.
It works, but it takes almost 30s to que status response before printing,

To discover the VID/PID of connected USB printer, we use:
"printer" = java -jar ZSDK_API.jar discover -u

Then, to get printer status:
java -jar ZSDK_API.jar status -p "printer"
This command takes 30s to return.