Specifying the number of tags/attempts for STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE in RFID3 SDK

STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE: has a number of useful types which make use of a timeout *and* a number of tags/attempts:


But — how do I specify the number of tags/attempts? Class StopTrigger has setDurationMilliSeconds, but doesn't seem to have a way to set the number of tags/attempts.


RFID Web App On Android Using RhoElements

We have a web application that makes use of the RhoElements library using JavaScript. Currently this application is running on older Windows CE devices, using Enterprise Browser. Recently, we have moved to the Android based devices (MC3300R). We would like to connect to the same web applications, but they do not seem to function at all. I know, for the Windows devices, that we had to copy over the file "WTG_RFID_PLG.dll" to the device. I assume a similar step would be required on Android, but I am unable to find any instructions for how to accomplish this.