Exec Command Returning Invalid Opcode Error 113

I am trying to get and set the scan tone for my barcode scanner in VB.NET. I am able to open my scanner and get its ID without a problem but when I try to use execCommand() it fails and returns a status of 113. I get the same result for both getting and setting an attribute. This is my code for getting an attribute, my code for setting is very similar.

Zebra DS3608 - inconsistent USB scan result when pasting into Java-based applications


My company is writing application for customer, that allows him to scan his goods using Zebra DS3608 scanner. Barcode is a 3 multinumber fields separated by Group Separator signs. My software replaces GS signs with ';' in Swing KeyListener and extract this data later in the process.

I have discovered issues when using this scanner. It is connected to Win10 PC through USB as HID device. When i am scanning into my application sometimes there are some random ASCII characters instead of GS sign (○, ↔, ˘) which causes error in my process.