What happen if i close bluetooth connection once a day after my multiple print jobs completed

Before the discussion start, i need to provide some info on my background.

I have a android app develop under XAMARIN ANDROID platform. The android app will pair with a ZEBRA printer ZQ521. All the print jobs is send from android device to ZQ521 printer via Bluetooth connections. I have use LINK OS XAMARIN SDK's API to handle the Bluetooth communication between android device and ZEBRA ZQ521. Below is the sample source code i tried.

Link-OS SDK for Android | Permissions and Bluetooth API

Nowadays, most of our Zebra printers are equipped with Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or both (BT + BLE). There is a Bluetooth User Guide for Zebra printers, which covers how the Bluetooth technologies (both BT & BLE) are used in Zebra printer production lines, the security mode, pairing and configuration, etc.

Connecting to ZQ110 Printer from React Native App using Bluetooth

Dear everyone,

We have been trying to develop a React Native application capable of printing with Zebra devices.
Printer: ZQ110
S/N: XXZN19-18-0002
Firmware version: ZQ110_V1.04 STD 062917 (upgraded from 1.0)
Self test image file attached for additional information

Libraries Tested:

Bluetooth on Zebra MZ 320 M3E-0UK00010-00 Receipt Printer

I have just purchased a Zebra MZ 320 with part number: M3E-0UK00010-00 .
I was trying to connect to the Bluetooth but it seems the device doesn't broadcast the signal.
Could you please check if this part has Bluetooth supported.
Thank you.

Cannot print from android app because of bluetooth connection

Hi, I am ahaving problems when printing from an Android app.
I have my app in a yoga tablet working fine but It does not work with a lenovo tab 10 with android 9.
In each tablet it works fine with print connect app but this is not what I need.
With my lenovo tab 10 I can pair the printer correctly but whenever I want to print it tells me that I need to connect the printer to my device. I go to settings, I select the printer I click in connect but nothing happens

Bluetooth scanner with normal phones

I have a Zebra Bluetooth scanner- RS507X.
I want this scanner to connect to my normal android phone and provide the scanned data.
The documentation that I found on the website uses EMDK, and the android phones do not support that.

Is there a way we can achieve this without using EMDK?