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Zebra DevTalk | Testing Exported XML before EMM Deployment via OEMConfig | Feb. 2021

This session will cover the process of exporting raw XML from StageNow, testing it on a Zebra device using a simple helper utility and subsequently deploying to a device via the OEMConfig feature now available in most EMM tools including SOTI, Airwatch/Workspace One, Wizy etc. The target audience is both developers and systems/support personnel but it does not require any programming knowledge in order to use these techniques.

How to read OS update state from OEMinfo content provider?

According to the documentation for OS updates on products on the SDM660, the OS update status is stored in the OEMInfo content provider and applications can use the OEMInfo content provider to fetch the exact status of the OS update operation in progress.

Which URI has to be used to retrieve the status of the OS update operation?
Can you please give me a Java source code example?