Does the Android SDK for Zebra Barcode Scanners support multiple active scanners at the same time?

I'm looking to have multiple users with barcode scanners share a single Android tablet. I've successfully used the Zebra SDK to interact with one scanner, however attempting to make a second scanner active doesn't seem to function. The scanner attempts to register but is then immediately unregisters itself, indicated by the beep patterns for establishing and losing a session, respectively.

Am I making an implementation error, or are multiple scanners simply not supported by the SDK?

One reason I don't have much confidence in multiple scanner support is that the Beep and Light controls don't seem to be impacted by providing an incorrect scanner ID. If the ID doesn't impact anything, how could the SDK support multiple scanners at any time.

James Swinton-Bland
Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,

This is not currently possible with our SDK, as far as I'm aware.

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