Play file with mediaplayer on enterprise browser 2.0

I'm trying to play a file from our javascript application through the Mediaplayer api, but I keep running to this error: "Could not play due to IO error". I think the path is wrong.

I did request the EB.Application.userFolder variable, and put my mp3 file there.

The weird thing is, when I request the config file, this is the result: "/data/user/0/com.symbol.enterprisebrowser/rhodata/apps/rhoconfig.txt". But this file (and the rhodata folder) aren't even there. Or am I looking at the wrong place.

The config file (which holds the start url) is here: "/TC57/Android/data/com.symbol.enterprisebrowser/config.xml"
But I'm not sure what the absolute path would be for the Mediaplayer.start

EB.Mediaplayer.start(EB.Application.userFolder + 'error.mp3');

Darryn Campbell
If you want to access the

If you want to access the root of the external storage location, try '/storage/emulated/0/'

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