Check if Enterprise Home Screen is in 'admin' or 'user' mode

I am using the EMDK for Xamarin for a custom built app for configuring our Zebra devices. We also use EHS to help lock down the device to certain apps. I am wondering if there is any way from our custom app to be able to tell if EHS is currently running in 'user' mode or 'admin' mode. The goal is to make only some features of our app available to the user if the device is 'locked' as opposed to when an admin has logged in. We could of course add a login to our app itself, but I'm hoping to avoid the technicians having to log in to EHS and then log in to the app separately. Thank you!

Darryn Campbell
That is a very interesting

That is a very interesting use case but I can't think how you could do it.  There is no API from EHS to return whether or not the launcher is in admin / user mode and I can't think of a way that your app could figure it out by itself.  I'll pass along the feature suggestion to the EHS team but in the mean time, I think having a separate login to your app would be the only way to go.

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