Make RFD8500 scanner trigger start the barcode scanner on TC520K touch computer/phone with Zebra Android Java SDK.

When I press the trigger on the RFD8500 scanner, I want it to start the barcode scanner on the TC520K. The reason is that we will scan both the RFID tag and the barcode, at the same time, so we don't have to first press the RFID8500 trigger and then press the TC520K barcode scan button separately.

Is it possible to make the RFID8500 trigger start the red barcode scan on the TC520K touch computer/phone with the Zebra Java Android SDK, or is this impossible? Is there a method I can call for the barcode scanner to make it read with the red beam with code? I am asking here first so I don't waste days of work trying to do this if it's impossible.