WML on ZD620


How can I get to the default WML file on Z? I need to see the "code" in it so I can replace the index file on E. I have a file named ZBI.NRD that is stuck on E and I think because of that it will not let me use the Z index file. So I want to replace the E index file with the same.

We've been trying to get the printer back to defaults for 2 days... we need help :)

Steven Si
Use Zebra Setup Utilities for

Use Zebra Setup Utilities for Windows to retrieve the file content. Once you have the tool installed, issue the following command for example. please replace WLAN.WML with the filename and extension you want to retrieve from Z: drive. The file content will be displayed in the output window.

! U1 do "file.type" "Z:WLAN.WML"


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