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I'm going to attempt to set up a webserver inside of an Android app in order to receive alerts from a printer (ZQ510 and ZQ410). I see the api in the sdk to set the alerts to my server, but I cannot find any documentation on how the alert responses are sent over http. I want to make sure that I am parsing the responses correctly so if someone could point me to either some sample code of java/kotlin parsing alert http responses or documentation on how they are formatted would be a great help.

Thank you in advance.

Steven Si
The Alert API in the SDK is

The Alert API in the SDK is for configuring how the printer sends alerts, such as configuring the destination, adding an alert with specific condition, etc. Depending on the alert destination, the "message" of the alerts will be different. For example, if the destination is USB, the alert message will be something looks like:

ERROR CONDITION: HEAD OPEN [2020-01-18 21:27:48] [XXZEJ173500341]

If the destination is EMAIL, then the alert msg will be included in an email. If the destination is HTTP POST, then the msg will be inside the body of the post. Unfortunately, there is no documentation on the details of the msg format.

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