MC3300 and StageNow not scanning


UPDATE: I reset the device and it is now working. I was trying to avoid that so I wouldn't have to reload everything but need to make deadlines.

I have an MC3300 with Oreo 8.1 and MX 8.2. It scans fine in my app but when I try to scan with StageNow, it does nothing. I have another device with the same config and it works fine with StageNow. Any ideas what to try to get StageNow to scan? I have restarted the device, turned off and let sit and still no luck. I have compared the settings on the 2 devices and they appear identical.


Darryn Campbell
Glad to hear you have

Glad to hear you have resolved this issue.  Under the covers StageNow uses DataWedge to scan so it is concievable you had DataWedge disabled or (less likely) some other issue with your DataWedge configuration.  I do not see this dependency documented so I'll see if I can correct that.

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