Pdf Printing From Enterprise Browser based application.

Hi There,
I am trying to print PDF from Enterprise based application on zebra device. We are able to print ZPL perfectly fine with printrawstring() api. Also we have PDF licenses installed and Printing PDf with BrowserPrint from Browsers as well. But from Enterprise browser I could not find any way to Print to zebra mobile printers. I could not find any documentation around this either.

Can you please provide me any material or code on how to print pdf from EB to printers with PDF lincenses.

James Swinton-Bland
Hi Nirmal,

Hi Nirmal,

You could develop a middleware application using the Link-OS SDK (specifically the sendFileToPrinter() API) to perform the PDF Printing which can be launched via a URL schema. You can encode the PDF in base64 and pass this through as a query parameter in your URL schema.

This application https://github.com/Thunderlight-Software/Zebra-Print-Service supports PDF printing & is open-source so you could modify this to launch & print from EB as described above. 

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