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Hello Team,

I facing some challenges in improving the printing quality, I have an application which takes the image and gives for the print.. to do that i ma following steps,
1. Capture Bitmap Image
2. Convert Bitmap into Grayscale bitmap
3. Convert Grayscale bitmap into ASCII HEX String
4. Embed HEX String in the ZPL command.. < XA ^MTD ^PW400 ^MUd,150,300^FO0,0^GFA {ASCII DATA} ^FS ^XZ>

But the quality of the image is not great, can you suggest with some pointers? Attaching image for the reference.
Thanks in advance.

Steven Si
Zebra label printers are

Zebra label printers are thermal printers, which print monochrome (black & white) labels. Unlike black & white photo that has the scale (the grayscale), the thermal printers do not have grayscales. There is a darkness setting configurable on the printer. But the darkness setting is applied to the entire label on a per label basis, not on each dot. With this limitation, generally it's very unsatisfactory to print the image captured by a camera, because the grayscale gets lost on the final print. Unfortunately this is the limitation that all thermal label printers have to face.

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