Dynamic Field Data (^FN1) not recognized in PrintStation mode


I ve been using Zebra ZD620 as a standalone TOOLS->Print Station until yesterday when suddenly the printer stopped recognizing ^FN1 field in my E:LABEL.ZPL template.
Template is very simple and has 1 ^FN1 only to be filled by an external USB Host attached Scanner.
It has been working well and printer has been able to inject scanned code into template and have it printed out up until yesterday.
I am stuck, please help. I ve tried with other simple templates but none of ^FN is recognized by "usb.host.fn_field_list"
How can i debug the problem.

Thank you

Sergey Iliev
Problem Solved

It turns out that Zebra printer appends ZPL command at beginig or end when file is copied from USB to Zebra E: drive, thus corrupting the file

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